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Join our Juneteenth #SavingOurSelves Movement

Team Goalsetter is incredibly proud to be launching a Juneteenth #SavingOurSelves movement. Our mission? To get 1 Million Black kids savings accounts with culturally-relevant financial literacy in an effort to help bridge the wealth gap in our country and prepare Black children for financial freedom.

A note from Tanya, CEO & Founder

My 14-year-old daughter and I have been struggling this week.  Struggling with the stark reminders of racial inequality that we cannot, as a country, continue to ignore.  Struggling with how the tears and discourse of our nation can turn into policy and action.  Struggling to

200,000 kids every day are missing a birthday while they’re in quarantine. Let’s make sure they still feel special.

Every day that America remains in quarantine, roughly 200,000 kids are missing their birthday celebrations: birthday cupcakes in class, birthday cards from auntie, the birthday gift they picked out months in advance, and their favorite birthday cake. And if a birthday is coming up in your

What to do when $1200 direct deposit hits your checking account.

As you probably know by now, through the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Rescue, and Economic Security) Act, all those eligible should receive $1200 in the checking account that you typically use to file your taxes. It is so easy to think of it as “Free Money!!” and

Stock Market & the Great Corona

April is Financial Literacy Month and as a part of our DARE to you and your family, we’re also here to help you with the learning portion! And by we, we mean our CEO Tanya Van Court and her two kids, Gabrielle and Hendrix, straight

It’s Financial Literacy Month! Hooray!!!

Our family has been learning so many lessons during this challenging time in our world, but there have been two that have been more apparent than ever: 1.     During quarantine, we are inundated with technology more than ever before.  And yet, what we all want more

Coronavirus and the family: we’re here to help.

I’m writing to you today from my kitchen counter/office/lunch table today, because I, like many of you, am home with my kids and trying to balance work and family in strange times. I have a 4 year old, a 9 year old, a 10 year

Goalsetter is on CardRates.com!

Tanya sat down with our friend Adam at CardRates.com to talk about Goalsetter, financial literacy, and how to get kids saving! Read the interview here!

Kids with savings accounts are 6X more likely to go to college!

Oh, hey you! We’re super thrilled that you’re taking part in our #6XChallenge. The #6XChallenge was created in order to transform the next generation’s financial futures. Why? Because studies have proven that kids with savings accounts are 6X more likely to go to college and 4X

5 things we LOVED about entering the Shark Tank ?

So, Goalsetter was featured in this little show called Shark Tank last night… *Spoilers are ahead if you still want to watch the episode sometime later* Although we didn’t take the deal on last night’s episode, as you probably know, Shark Tank isn’t about taking the Reality-TV deals.

Goalsetter Android App is here, too!

So many Android users have been asking and demanding: “Why have you guys forgotten about Androids? ?” Well, we heard you. And we apologize for the long wait. Finally, Team Goalsetter can officially announce that our Android App is available on the Google Play Store!

The Goalsetter iOS app is here!

Did you see our big announcement last week? If you missed it, no worries! Our iOS App is now available for download at the App Store! And don’t worry Android users, we’ve got you! Our Android app is coming very, very soon!   Please download

Best Lessons Learned from Dad About Money

Father’s Day is just around the corner and dad is prepared to receive an ugly tie with a huge smile on his face for the third year in a row, “Wow… it’s so…. colorful!!”   “What’d they do with all that allowance money…” he softly

How Meghan and Harry made “No Gifts, Please!” as cool as the Queen’s Corgis

No gifts.  No phones. No swords.  Those were the “no-no-no’s” at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Royal Wedding, which came with a 7-page list of additional instructions for their lucky guests.     While you likely won’t sign up for the “no phones” rule and

Parenting is Hard. That’s Why We Sat Down with His & Her Money

Parenting is Hard. Teaching your kids about money is harder. Especially when your kids constantly ask you for that new toy. That’s why we sat down with Talaat and Tai Mcneely, of His & Her Money to talk about teaching our kids about money and helping

If you want your kid to be financially healthy, you can move to Utah or start listening to more hip hop

So let’s just imagine for a second that your kid’s school sent a note home today and said that they’ve decided they’re eliminating the following classes from the school’s curriculum. The note reads:   Dear Parents,    We apologize, but we no longer have the

Goalsetter joins Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovations Lab

We are extremely excited to announce that we are joining the Morgan Stanely Multicultural Innovations Lab!   The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovations Lab is a technology accelerator, established to empower multicultural or women founder-led startups, and we are joining a group of 10 phenomenal startups,

Survey Says: Single Moms are the Bomb.com (But Still Need to Save)

The Stats: Being a mom is a tough job – but ladies always make it work. CDC studies show that up to 40% of U.S. children are now born to single moms. That means juggling kids, work, and finances, all without a partner, and all

Goalsetter wins first place in Quesnay’s Female Founders in Tech Program Awards

  We are super excited to announce that Goalsetter is the winner of the inaugural Female Founders in Tech, spotlighting female founders that positively impact the financial services and/or insurance technology industries. Approximately 100 women-led startups registered for the program with solutions ranging from artificial intelligence to

3 Reasons Why We’re #SorryNotSorry to see Toys R’Us Go

While we have nothing against the big-box toy retailer personally, we do have big issues with a retail brand aimed at separating parents from their hard earned money and forcing consumer culture on children.   1. Toys are Wasteful The stats don’t lie. (We’re obviously

Survey Says: Money CAN buy happiness

One of the benefits of living in the first world (….aside from getting to complain and then use the hashtag #firstworldproblems) is that instead of simply surviving, our thoughts can be turned to thriving: how we can live at max happiness and be that best

How Post-Baby Boot Camp Classes Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds AND Whip My Financial Life Into Shape

After giving birth to my son Hendrix, I had the standard 20 pounds of baby weight to lose.  You know – the extra 20 pounds on top of the 10 that I should’ve lost before I got pregnant?   To add insult to injury, by the time Hendrix was 4 months

5 ways to teach your children about giving back: There’s no better time than the present hurricane

  Houston may seem 3000 miles away, but the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is impacting lots of families and is very real. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have woken up today without worrying about the safety of our children and home,

5 Essential Money Lessons We Learned From Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones’ seventh season all wrapped up, now begins the achingly long wait until the eighth and final season. Ruminating on a season full of surprises and revelations, we also found five important money lessons from the series everyone should heed. Lesson #1

Survey Says: Kids with Goals won’t be on your Couch in 20 years

You’ve likely got a laundry list in your head of all the things you need to do in order to set up your child for lifelong success: teaching social skills, assigning chores each week, and emphasizing the value of education, to name a few. But

5 financial things you need to do before your kid’s 10th birthday (or ASAP if they’re 11)

In addition to providing for your child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being, it’s also important to invest in their overall financial health as well. While teaching your child money smarts may not seem like the biggest deal right now, instructing kids on good money habits

This Mom Asked For GoalCards For Her Two Year Old’s Birthday + It Turned Into Much, Much More

Before my daughter Phi was even born, relatives and family friends started asking whether I’d started a 529 savings plan. I’m good enough at making money and can handle the basics like filing my taxes online, but when it comes to something like creating a

How Millennial Moms are just like HBO’s The Defiant Ones

I just finished watching the 4-part series “The Defiant Ones” on HBO Now (yes – it’s my one entertainment indulgence…) And it was worth every minute of sleep that I lost as I pushed well past my midnight bedtime to eek out just one more

5 things that every parent needs to know about personal finance to raise kids who…know about personal finance.

While lots of parents know that personal finance is important for their families and their kids’ future, many parents actually teach their kids the wrong personal finance principles because they just never learned it themselves. (For starters, the amount of money you have in your

Why Goals?

We started Goalsetter because we know how important goals are – to kids, to parents, to families, to the world. We know that #goals are about way more than #eyebrowgoals or #abgoals (although those make nice IG pics), and for so many of us, #goals

Watch Videos of Goalsetter

Take a look at how our app works! What is Goalsetter anyways? Watch and find out! Take a peek at some of our financial literacy quiz questions 🙂

10 Hip Hop Quotes To Teach Your Kids About Economic Mobility

From Drizzy and Weezy, to Bey and Jay, hear your favorite artists talk about their come-up and what we can learn from it. Started from the Bottom – Drake I mean let’s start with the obvious one… Workin’ all night, traffic on the way home