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How Millennial Moms are just like HBO’s The Defiant Ones

I just finished watching the 4-part series “The Defiant Ones” on HBO Now (yes – it’s my one entertainment indulgence…) And it was worth every minute of sleep that I lost as I pushed well past my midnight bedtime to eek out just one more episode.

It chronicled the rise of Dr. Dre – the infamous Beats by Dre creator – and Jimmy Iovine – founder of Interscope record and Dre’s partner in revolutionizing the music industry.

And it made me realize that the magical cocktail of defiance is about changing culture, changing people’s habits, changing the way we live our lives. And that’s just what Millennial moms are doing every day. So if you thought Dre and Jimmy were the only defiant ones in the house, stay tuned for “1, and here comes the 2 to the 3 and 4” ways in which Millennial moms are like the Defiant Ones:

  1. Millennial Moms are changing the world as we know it. 72% of millennials would prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than buying more consumer goods. That means that they are saying no to excess materialism and over-indulging their kids in “stuff” and saying yes to family outings, concerts, trips to Legoland, Kidville memberships, and experiences that are truly the spice of life…including dinners at their favorite Thai, Indian or Mexican spots.
  2. Millennial Moms are constantly reinventing themselves and developing lots of skills along the way. Whether the hat they wear is writer, web designer, part-time wedding consultant, tutor, etsy-er extraordinaire, YouTube sensation or Word Press consultant, today’s mom is not one-dimensional. Instead, she is constantly honing her hustle to bring in more cash or prepare herself for bigger opportunities.
  3. Millennial moms value money. Millennial moms understand the value of a dollar and in fact, according to this Fortune article, this generation of millennials bears a striking similarity to the post-Great Depression era generation. Just like the so-called “Silent Generation”, Millennial moms came of age during a big financial crisis, and their money habits can be described as responsible, frugal, tight, conservative, and sometimes…downright cheap. Raise your glass to second-hand stores, discount shopping, and stashing away your cash!
  4. Millennial moms are at the forefront of a movement, and the next generation will be different as a result of their choices. Millennial moms are raising the next generation of advocates, activists, philanthropists, and leaders. And as goes mom, so goes the rest of her tribe. That means that we will likely see aworld that is consuming less and polluting fewer landfills; supporting more meaningful causes and fewer bad shopping habits, and saving more money for the things that matter most.

So watch out Dre and Jimmy. You’re not the only ones changing the world as we know it. Millennial Moms are at the door.


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