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How Post-Baby Boot Camp Classes Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds AND Whip My Financial Life Into Shape

After giving birth to my son Hendrix, I had the standard 20 pounds of baby weight to lose.  You know – the extra 20 pounds on top of the 10 that I should’ve lost before I got pregnant?


To add insult to injury, by the time Hendrix was 4 months old, his father and I were most certainly on the path to separation.


Feeling sleep-deprived, overweight, scared and overwhelmed, and covered in“stress eczema” that made me scratch mercilessly on every quartile of my body – I tried to control something…anything…just one thing in my life.


And so I joined a fitness bootcamp.


That meant that every morning at 5 am, I left the kids in the care of my soon-to-be-ex and dragged myself to the high school track with 10 other women in my Brooklyn neighborhood. 10 women who put ourselves into the care of an amazingly fit, sinew- and muscle-clad woman (who looked nothing like us), and who intermittently barked out orders and offered words of support and encouragement.


the bad:  “Give me 20 more!”

the good:  “You’re doing great, Tanya!

the bad:  “Quit making excuses!”

the good:  “You’re a Goddess!”

the bad:  “No short-term pain, no long-term gain!!”

the good:  “You are going to SLAY your goals!”


After 10 weeks of my love-hate relationship with the bootcamp, I was finally able to donate my post-preggo “Belly Band” and walk up subway stairs without taking a breather on stair 12. I looked better than I had since college. (wait – I forgot about the Freshman 15. Let’s make that since high school… )


But even more importantly, I realized that Bootcamp was magical. For once in my life, I didn’t have to think  – I just had to do.  And if I did the things I was supposed to do, it actually transformed my life.


I clearly needed a Bootcamp in EVERY area of my life.


Bootcamp for Cooking.

Bootcamp for Relationships.

Bootcamp for Parenting.

And yes, Bootcamp for Finances.


If I could lose 20 pounds in an exercise bootcamp, imagine how much money I could save in a Finance Bootcamp if I applied the same principles.


Stop thinking. Start doing.


For my Financial Bootcamp, there were 4 key exercise mantras that I applied to my financial life:


  1. “Quit making excuses!” = Make a budget and stick to it.  Period.  End of Story.
  2. “No short-term pain, no long-term gain!!” = Saying no to money spent carelessly today means more money to go on a family vaca next year.
  3. “Give me20 more!” = Sign up for Auto-save and squeeze $20/week more into your kids’ college fund.
  4. “You are going to SLAY your goals!” = Write down your goals, so that you can achieve them (because people who write down their goals are 50% more likely to be successful.)


And slay my goals I did.  By the end of 4 years, I was able to quit my full-time job and start Goalsetter to help other families slay their goals too.


And the best news is that you don’t even have to suit up for a 5 a.m. workout.  Just do one thing (during sane hours) to start improving your family’s financial fitness today.








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