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Stock Market & the Great Corona

April is Financial Literacy Month and as a part of our DARE to you and your family, we’re also here to help you with the learning portion! And by we, we mean our CEO Tanya Van Court and her two kids, Gabrielle and Hendrix, straight out of quarantine-ing in their home in Brooklyn, NY.

Term of the day: Stock Market

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Okay, so the news is constantly talking about how the stock market is down, since the Coronavirus outbreak. Well, what is the stock market anyway?

Think you now understand what the stock market is?

When the stock market is down, it means…

A. You’re losing all your cash…fast.
B. You’re losing money, but only if you invested in the stock market instead of keeping your money under the mattress like Granny told you to.
C. Prices of many stocks dropped, and you might be losing money, depending on which stocks you own.

If you answered C, you are correct!

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