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Join our Juneteenth #SavingOurSelves Movement

Team Goalsetter is incredibly proud to be launching a Juneteenth #SavingOurSelves movement. Our mission? To get 1 Million Black kids savings accounts with culturally-relevant financial literacy in an effort to help bridge the wealth gap in our country and prepare Black children for financial freedom.

Quote from Sean Ali-Waddell, Jr., activist, cousin of Muhammad Ali, and student at Howard University:

“Getting one million Black kids to save is like teaching a million slaves to read. It’s putting them on the path to freedom.” –Sean Ali-Waddell, Jr.

Quote from Robert F. Smith, Chairman of Vista Equity and investor in Goalsetter:

“Juneteenth is a celebration of our freedom from slavery, but African-Americans can’t truly celebrate freedom until we are financially liberated and the wealth gap is closed.   By giving Black kids a savings and financial literacy app created by a Black entrepreneur, we can change the way a whole generation of Black kids learns about money and thinks about building wealth.  And that can have a profound impact on our entire community.”  – Robert F. Smith


On June 19th, 1865, the slaves in Galveston, Texas were told 2.5 years after the Emancipation Proclamation that they were free, and entered into a period of extreme poverty and financial insecurity.  And more than 150 years later, Black Americans are still feeling the economic burden of slavery.  

White Americans have ten times the net worth of Black Americans, and African-Americans are projected to have a negative net worth by 2053.  

To help reverse the curse of the wealth gap that the country is experiencing, Goalsetter is launching a Juneteenth movement to get 1 million Black kids signed up for savings accounts with game-based, culturally-relevant financial literacy.


By teaching kids about saving early and providing culturally-relevant financial literacy tools (mapped to national financial literacy standards, but rooted in memes and gifs from hip hop artists and pop culture), we are setting in motion a financial independence movement for the next generation of Black children and families.  

We are calling this Juneteenth movement SOS:  #SavingOurSelves.

SOS:  #SavingOurSelves.  

·  Kids who have savings accounts in their name are 6X more likely to go to college – no matter how much is in them. #SavingOurSelves

·  Kids with savings accounts are 4X more likely to own stocks as young adults. #SavingOurSelves


By ensuring that every Black kid in America has a savings account with culturally relevant financial literacy content, we are helping to create for them a path to financial freedom.  

Black kids have not had the advantage of 400 years of wealth building and inheritance, so it is critical for us to give them the tools they can use to begin to close the egregious wealth gap in this country.


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SPONSOR A KID…OR TEN!  Goalsetter is partnering with Eagle Academy, Fund 2 Foundation, NAF.org,  Kenan Charitable Trust and other non-profit organizations across America to give savings accounts with fun, game-based financial literacy to underprivileged Black youth.  

SPONSOR A SCHOOL OR A CITY:  Want to make sure that every kid in East Louisville, East New York, or East Oakland has a savings account?   Transform the future of your city by helping all kids to develop both the healthy savings habits and the knowledge to build wealth.  Goalsetter will work with school systems and municipalities to help distribute the savings accounts and the financial literacy curriculum.