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How Meghan and Harry made “No Gifts, Please!” as cool as the Queen’s Corgis

No gifts.  No phones. No swords.  Those were the “no-no-no’s” at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Royal Wedding, which came with a 7-page list of additional instructions for their lucky guests.    

While you likely won’t sign up for the “no phones” rule and your superhero-impersonator kid might not sign up for the “no swords” rule, “no gifts” is becoming a more frequent phenomenon at kids’ parties – from toddler to teen.

And that’s hardly surprising.

Of over 500 moms we polled, 2 out of 3 said they wish there were a better way to celebrate their kids’ birthdays, because their kids already have too much “stuff.”

So the question is – how do you pull off saying “No Gifts, Please!” for your little prince or princess in a fashion that, well, befits a Duke or Duchess.


We’ve actually got a quick guide for you that’s far less than 7 pages.

  1. Tell the World Early and Often: Make sure you emphasize that the party will be a “no gifts party” in every invitation, reminder, and RSVP confirmation you distribute – whether you send out your invite via e-vite or snail mail.  Your guests will definitely thank you when you help to alleviate their Friday-night jitters as they remember that your party is in 12 hours and they have no idea what your kid wants!
  2. Give Guests a Better Way to Celebrate: Give guests an alternative for how to celebrate your child’s birthday in lieu of a traditional gift. Goalsetter lets kids register for goals that matter – saving for the future (think a computer or a college fund), sharing with others (whether your child’s cause of choice is endangered animals or the environment) and spending on things or experiences that really matter to the kid (a budding photographer can save for a camera.)  What adult doesn’t want to add a little fuel to the fire of a kid’s dreams instead of trying to guess what random “make your own ________ kit” the birthday boy or girl might like, doesn’t already have, or might be into this year?
  3. Choose a Charity Instead:  Use birthdays as an opportunity to teach philanthropy. Harry and Meghan gave guests the option of 7 charities to choose from.  Your prince or princess only has to choose one! If your kid has way too many toys, it’s a great opportunity to direct gifts towards a charity that your kid can relate to – like one that buys toys for children who have none.
  4. Let Goody Bags become Goal Bags: Still brainstorming some good gift favors? Look no more! Goalsetter’s GoalCards will return the favor to your guests. No sugar loaded candy, plastic goodie bags, or useless trinkets needed! Simply gift each child a GoalCard and share the wealth.  
  5.  Make Kate & Will Proud: If Auntie Kate and Uncle Will say they “forgot their gift at home” for the third year in a row, just remind them that this year is no gifts and that they can gift your kid a GoalCard on the spot and donate the present they “already bought.”  They’ll be proud to support your kid’s goals, dreams, and charities of choice.


In just a couple months Meghan has already broken plenty of ancient rules that royals must follow.  A “no gifts” birthday party definitely defies tradition too, and that’s awesome!  Especially when you’re teaching your kids some great values at the same time. We’ve seen that giving kids a no-gifts birthday party with Goalsetter can both help them to jump start their healthy savings habits and inspire them to give back.  Here are 4 major benefits:


  • No gifts lets kids focus on their guests’ presence, rather than their presents. No need to unleash a new video game that could spark sword duels between the kids. Grandma will finally get some attention from your little royal, making them more likely to be chosen as heir!



  • No more lost gift cards.  Giftcards that get lost in your kitchen drawer mean that you just made GameStop, BuyBuyBaby, and Apple a whole lot richer, because they got money in exchange for absolutely no goods. Why not save that money for the electric guitar or basketball tickets your kid’s been asking for? Or even to set your kid up for a future where they have their own Buckingham Palace.



  • Celebrate what becoming a year older really means.  At Goalsetter, we often say that giftcards tell your kids “I can’t wait to see what you buy next”, but GoalCards say, “I can’t wait to see what you do next.”  Birthdays are all about becoming a year older and accumulating new experiences and lessons during the coming year. With the help of your family, friends, and Goalsetter, you can foster and fund your child’s next adventure.



  • We can save the earth together. At Goalsetter we understand that breaking tradition helps pave the way to finding solutions to this generation’s most pressing issues. In the 70’s kids had three or four toys but today, there’s no storage box that could possibly store all the lego ninjas, slime, and Monster High dolls in a kid’s extensive toy inventory. GoalCards help children work towards their goals while simultaneously preventing the addition of more plastic to our already overflowing landfills.



Goalsetter is dedicated to helping families save together and grow together. After all, Meghan wasn’t always a princess, and everyone has to start somewhere! Let Goalsetter bring your child one step closer to their fairy-tale dreams.


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