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5 Essential Money Lessons We Learned From Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones’ seventh season all wrapped up, now begins the achingly long wait until the eighth and final season. Ruminating on a season full of surprises and revelations, we also found five important money lessons from the series everyone should heed.

Lesson #1 – An Entrepreneurial Spirit Pays

It may not seem like the most obvious money lesson from Game of Thrones, but our favorite fantasy TV series is full of stories of entrepreneurial success. Take Davos Seaworth, who was born in the poorest slum in King’s Landing, worked his way up from sailor to ship captain, then to knighthood. Davos was so successful he eventually became an advisor to some of the most powerful men in Westeros – first Stannis Baratheon, and then Jon Snow.

Lesson #2 – Always Pay Your Debts

“A Lannister always pays his debts…” is one of the most famous maxims from the beloved show. Being able to be relied upon to repay what is owed is likely how the Lannisters rose to power in the first place, but the importance of paying off credit card debt in our world has advantages as well. The less you owe, the less you pay in interest, and the wealthier you are overall. Pay your debts, yes, but try to live debt free wherever possible too. If we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones, it’s that owing something, whether it’s money or a political favor, is never any fun.

Lesson #3 – It Pays to Have Good Credit

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Paying all of those debts on time gave Cersei enough creditworthiness to borrow a massive amount from the Iron Bank in order to pay for her war against Daenerys in season 7. You may not ever need that much money (or need to pay for a war), but eventually, you’ll need to buy something large (like a house or a business) and will want to finance it with a loan. This is where having stellar credit comes in handy.

Lesson #4 – Have a Plan for After You’re Gone

Ned Stark’s finances never came into question after his untimely end on the show, but the chaos that ensued afterward is a lesson to us all: have a plan in place for what should happen to your assets after death.

Lesson #5 – It’s important to Prepare

“Winter is coming,” both literally and figuratively for us all. This tagline from “Thrones” serves as an important reminder to prepare for what’s ahead. The best way to do this, financially, is to have a savings account in place with some cash for those unexpectedly long winters, or you know… in the event of sudden illness, disability or job loss, or political uprising.

This will help you to breathe easy once winter finally arrives, because (as we’ve learned from GoT) …it ALWAYS does.

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