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Best Lessons Learned from Dad About Money

Father’s Day is just around the corner and dad is prepared to receive an ugly tie with a huge smile on his face for the third year in a row,

“Wow… it’s so…. colorful!!”


“What’d they do with all that allowance money…”

he softly mutters jokingly under his breath as he swiftly ties the knot that took you an hour worth of Youtube videos to master when you had to do it.


Maybe it’s time to remember the lessons dad has passed along about money throughout the years and start to adopt them! No more eye-rolling, seemingly passive-aggressive jokes, or fake laughter this year. Nope, this year you’ll finally get him that make your own hot sauce kit he’s been dropping hints about for months. Need some help refreshing your memory? No problem! We asked the Goalsetter team about the most valuable financial lessons their fathers have offered them throughout their lives and here’s what we gathered. Listen up, kids! And dads if you’re reading this, be sure to send it over to your gift-giver to guarantee that they get it right next year!

Spare the piggy

NO, NO WAIT! Do NOT hurt the piggy!! Make sure you take care of that piggy bank. Nurture it, love it, but most importantly feed it. Did you know that approximately $62 million dollars in pennies are lost every year? That’s a lot of pennies. That’s enough pennies to buy at least 10 mansions, a lifetime supply of triple chocolate ice cream, a McDonald’s, a couple sports cars, or even Daydream Island on the Australian coast (super appropriate name right?!) Keep those pennies and drop them in the piggy bank every night. You’ll be amazed by how quickly they can accumulate. Just make sure that you don’t impulsively empty out the piggy bank after watching one too many late night infomercials.

Save early

You know that new video game console is coming out soon. And the one you bought last year looks like a dinosaur next to this thing. Why not start saving for the new one? And once you buy the new one, start saving immediately for the one after that! Sign up for Goalsetter, a savings and gift platform made for kids, that is dedicated to helping them reach their goals and learn financial literacy along the way. We can help you start saving the dollar you get every time you see Grandma instead of using it to buy more lives on Candy Crush!

Set goals

Apart from buying more stuff that you’ll eventually kick under your bed in a hurry to get your room clean, why not save for experiences? Set some goals for yourself and buy that skydiving lesson for you and Dad! You’ll finally get to see that look on his face again, you know, the same one he made when you joked about crashing the car. If it wasn’t a joke, maybe you should start saving for the new car (and quick)!! Kids can set these goals and more with Goalsetter, it’s literally in our name! Once they’ve thought of a few, Goalsetter makes it super easy to share a customized URL with family and friends to get them to support these goals and help you buy dad’s hot sauce kit next year.



And finally, we’re going to have to break it to you. Dad knows you’ve been stealing his change for years, so there’s really no excuse for this clown tie! Even though Dad will appreciate whatever you get him, start saving with Goalsetter today and get Dad a great gift rather than a good gift. Or just get him an ugly tie again and pocket the rest. 😉