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“Boochie Boochie money long, he got 20 cars

Graduated from them cars, now it’s stocks and bonds.”


What we can learn from Rick Ross:

Stocks and bonds are often referenced hand-in-hand as they are one of three types of investments you can buy on the stock exchange. Boochie Boochie.


How you can use bonds in your own life to create wealth:

In creating a diversified portfolio it makes sense to have different types of investments– bonds included. Bonds are often regarding as a safer investment since they are offered at a fixed interest rate and loan term. If a company goes bust, bondholders get paid before shareholders.


The Financial Lessons:

  1. Bonds can be a great, lower risk way to grow your money rather than putting it all in stocks.
  2. The best portfolios leverage a mix of both stocks and bonds.