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200,000 kids every day are missing a birthday while they’re in quarantine. Let’s make sure they still feel special.

Every day that America remains in quarantine, roughly 200,000 kids are missing their birthday celebrations: birthday cupcakes in class, birthday cards from auntie, the birthday gift they picked out months in advance, and their favorite birthday cake.

And if a birthday is coming up in your family, you’re already getting worried about how to make your kid’s special day as special as it can get in this pandemic world. Well, we have an idea, or five, that won’t leave your kid celebrating on their own like this:


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1.  A Virtual Zoom Party

Look on the bright side. If you were the parent who was always stressed out from having to throw birthday parties, you are more than well-equipped to throw a virtual one over Zoom.  Friends over zoom + balloons + box brownies = a party for the (pandemic) ages. 😉

As Zoom can get easily distracting, we recommend that you invite up to 10 people per zoom party and divide the parties into two – one for family and the other for friends. It also means that your kid can get to blow their candles twice, which is a giant bonus if they’re at the age where they enjoy blowing out candles a little too much. 

To help make your kid’s special day memorable, we also came up with some extra-celebratory zoom backgrounds that you or your guests can use. To install one, read instructions here.

2.  Send GoalCards.

We may be biased, but we, at team Goalsetter, really, truly believe that GoalCards are the best birthday gift EVER. And they are definitely the perfect gift in these COVID-19 times.


A. They are and always will be virtual, so social distancing is no problem. 

B. They’re so easy to personalize (gift cards could, like, never!) with gif’s, pictures, videos, and messages that will last way beyond quarantine.

C. They help your kids save towards things they really want instead of receiving more consumer goods that they might not need. Let your kid learn the importance of saving, especially in this pandemic economy, even if they’re saving for something they want when the world re-opens again…safely.

To ask your friends and family to send GoalCards for your kid’s birthday, go to your kid’s profile and share it, using the round yellow “Share Profile” button.  

3.  A watch party

We’ve all been watching too much Netflix, Hulu, and [insert whichever streaming service you indulge in], and you, like all of us, are probably running out of things to watch.

That doesn’t mean, however, that your kid may feel the same. They might want to watch Frozen 1 for the 500th time or make you finally get Disney+, so they can watch Frozen 2.

Regardless of what you’re going to watch, make their viewing extra special on their birthday with a watch party. Pick from any of these new releases on various streaming platforms or whichever movie or show your kid would like. Make popcorn and send out another invite to friends and family with a zoom link, so they can be a part of the watch party. Make a bingo board and play along as you watch, and we guarantee it’ll be a movie experience that no movie theater could match.

4.  IOU’s – out-of-the-house style.

On the topic of movies… you and your kid are probably reminiscing about the time when you could still go to the movie theater, or anywhere other than the grocery store, for that matter.  It definitely feels like quarantine will last forever, but the good news is that even evil quarantine-y things must come to an end at some point.

Keep your family hopeful for the normalcy that is coming by gifting your kid with IOU’s. For instance, give a movie date IOU or a picnic in the park IOU. With experts’ projected quarantine lift date at June 1st, they’ll be able to cash in on their IOU’s very soon.

5. Make a donation

We, at Team Goalsetter, are always inspired by our Goalsetter community who give back. These crazy times are probably a better time than any to remind your kids about the importance of helping others. Their birthday is the perfect occasion to ask your friends and family to contribute to an important cause to celebrate your kid’s special day.

Here’s a list of places you can donate alongside your birthday guests to help our country with those most impacted by Covid-19.

  • Donate to the CDC Foundation to help with CDC’s nationwide efforts to battle the coronavirus.
  • Fundraise for No Kid Hungry to help kids who may be experiencing food insecurities with schools being closed. 
  • Johns Hopkins’ Center for Health Security is the leading organization in epidemic research. Donate to help their research for the cure to COVID-19 or to aid in their research to prevent future pandemics, so there won’t be a second pandemic for many birthdays.
  • If there are any other places that your kid may prefer, set up a goal for a specific cause on their profile, and share with everyone to start a quick fundraiser. They’ll be able to send GoalCards towards the cause, and your kid can celebrate their birthday by giving back. 

Got any other good ideas? Let us know at hello@goalsetter.co.  And if you are still looking for great home-school content, make sure you’re playing the quizzes on the Goalsetter app.  They’re fun for your whole quarantined family!

Happy Saving and Celebrating!

– Team Goalsetter