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Kids with savings accounts are 6X more likely to go to college!

Oh, hey you!

We’re super thrilled that you’re taking part in our #6XChallenge.

The #6XChallenge was created in order to transform the next generation’s financial futures.

Why? Because studies have proven that kids with savings accounts are 6X more likely to go to college and 4X more likely to invest in stocks as young adults.

Goalsetter was created in order to make opening savings accounts easy for kids and families, while incorporating all of these awesome features:

  • FDIC-insured savings account:  Every kid gets an FDIC-insured savings account in their name, where they can save for their #goals.
  • Auto-Save:  Parents can auto-save a little every week or every month to help kids reach big goals over time, like summer camp or college.
  • Round-Ups:  Parents can connect a debit card and round-up their everyday purchases to $1 or $2 so that kids learn that every dime really does count.
  • GoalCards Family members and friends can use birthdays, holidays and everyday gift-giving moments to gift GoalCards – real money towards real dreams – instead of gift cards.
  • Allowance:  Parents can set up allowance rules for their kids and help kids learn the power of earning to make their dreams come true.
  • Financial Literacy:  With Goalsetter’s “It’s (Fin) Lit!” quiz, mapped to Jumpstart.org’s National Financial Literacy Standards, Goalsetter engages kids in fun, financial literacy content with their favorite cartoon characters and pop stars. Educator-developed, kid-approved!

How to take the #6XChallenge? You can start by sharing Goalsetter and getting as many kids signed up as possible. That includes your class, your school, and your community! More kids with savings accounts = more bright futures.

Below are some materials that we have prepared to make sharing Goalsetter easy:

1. Backpack Mail

  • Print out copies and send home with your students!
  • Pdf files are built for US Letter size, so all you have to do is print. 🙂

2. Online pdf Goalsetter explainer

  • Send an email home to parents with a link to the pdf explaining Goalsetter and how savings accounts impact kids’ futures.
  • Or feel free to print out the pdf and use it as another option for backpack mail!

3. “I’m Saving For…” Signs

  • Let us know what your students and community are saving for by taking a picture of them with their Goalsetter sign.
  • Share with the Goalsetter community by using the hashtag #6xChallenge and tag us @goalsetterco.

4. Posters

  • Print out these posters and hang them wherever you want! (They’re U.S. letter size too, so no need to change your printer settings.)
  • We provide different posters featuring kids of different ages, so feel free to pick the posters you think would speak to your students the best.

5. Newsletter

  • Email your parents and school community with our customizable newsletter.
  • It’s formatted into a Google Doc, so feel free to copy and paste. But, don’t forget to change the school name!
  • Whether your school or class prefer emails or printed newsletters, use our sample to get parents, guardians, and students excited about Goalsetter!

6. Videos

  • Whether it’s you or your principal, record a video explaining the importance of kids having a savings account, and share it with parents and your school community.
  • Need some inspiration?  Check out our sample script for you here.
  • Download and edit the video script, then record a video to share with your school community.

Please don’t limit yourself to what we have! And if you have any awesome suggestions or questions, please let us know at schools@goalsetter.co! 🙂