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3 Reasons Why We’re #SorryNotSorry to see Toys R’Us Go

While we have nothing against the big-box toy retailer personally, we do have big issues with a retail brand aimed at separating parents from their hard earned money and forcing consumer culture on children.   1. Toys are Wasteful The stats don’t lie. (We’re obviously

Survey Says: Money CAN buy happiness

One of the benefits of living in the first world (….aside from getting to complain and then use the hashtag #firstworldproblems) is that instead of simply surviving, our thoughts can be turned to thriving: how we can live at max happiness and be that best

How Post-Baby Boot Camp Classes Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds AND Whip My Financial Life Into Shape

After giving birth to my son Hendrix, I had the standard 20 pounds of baby weight to lose.  You know – the extra 20 pounds on top of the 10 that I should’ve lost before I got pregnant?   To add insult to injury, by the time Hendrix was 4 months

5 ways to teach your children about giving back: There’s no better time than the present hurricane

  Houston may seem 3000 miles away, but the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is impacting lots of families and is very real. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have woken up today without worrying about the safety of our children and home,

5 Essential Money Lessons We Learned From Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones’ seventh season all wrapped up, now begins the achingly long wait until the eighth and final season. Ruminating on a season full of surprises and revelations, we also found five important money lessons from the series everyone should heed.   Lesson

Survey Says: Kids with Goals won’t be on your Couch in 20 years

You’ve likely got a laundry list in your head of all the things you need to do in order to set up your child for lifelong success: teaching social skills, assigning chores each week, and emphasizing the value of education, to name a few. But

5 financial things you need to do before your kid’s 10th birthday (or ASAP if they’re 11)

In addition to providing for your child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being, it’s also important to invest in their overall financial health as well. While teaching your child money smarts may not seem like the biggest deal right now, instructing kids on good money habits

This Mom Asked For GoalCards For Her Two Year Old’s Birthday + It Turned Into Much, Much More

Before my daughter Phi was even born, relatives and family friends started asking whether I’d started a 529 savings plan. I’m good enough at making money and can handle the basics like filing my taxes online, but when it comes to something like creating a

How Millennial Moms are just like HBO’s The Defiant Ones

I just finished watching the 4-part series “The Defiant Ones” on HBO Now (yes – it’s my one entertainment indulgence…) And it was worth every minute of sleep that I lost as I pushed well past my midnight bedtime to eek out just one more

5 things that every parent needs to know about personal finance to raise kids who…know about personal finance.

While lots of parents know that personal finance is important for their families and their kids’ future, many parents actually teach their kids the wrong personal finance principles because they just never learned it themselves. (For starters, the amount of money you have in your

Why Goals?

We started Goalsetter because we know how important goals are – to kids, to parents, to families, to the world. We know that #goals are about way more than #eyebrowgoals or #abgoals (although those make nice IG pics), and for so many of us, #goals